Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Fo Real Show on WRBB 104.9 FM

Hey Ya'll

We are a new radio talk show on WRBB 104.9fm. Our focus of the show is to get Northeastern students or any real people to tell us some of their personal issues that we can discuss and give advices on the show. You don't have to tell us your whole story but you can just generalize it as well e.g. I have been cheated on, What should I do? That sort of thing. Doesnt have to be only about relationships, You can also talk about school concerns or many other topics! You can also confess on things: Most embarrassing moment or ask a person out LIVE! It will be fun! Feel free to ask the DJs questions as well! We are there for help, So listen up!

Tune in on Sundays 10-11 pm WRBB 104.9FM

Email for your personal issues/concerns before the day of our show going on-air (that means before sunday 8pm):

P.S please be warned that we would not be providing professional advice or help. We are simply regular Northeastern students, who are there to give advice, comfort, help and support!